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Urgent Shipments In 24 Hours

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urgent shipments to all the world have a preference treatment in RUNER Transports . Your packages and mail up to 20 kilos will be at the place of destination in 24 hours

Fast service

We offer Valencia customers a door-to-door service in the delivery and reception of mail and packages with national and international destinations , for heavy and light loads.

Urgent Shipments In 24 Hours

Shipments of full or partial cargo

has an optimal infrastructure for the handling and development of the merchandise in time remembered, delivery of cargo in order to guarantee an agile transport, safe and adequate in the transport of your merchandise both light and heavy and at any point .. You can count with a highly qualified staff that will advise you adequately and in a timely manner on the requirements and proper handling of your merchandise.

ServiceĀ sea freight

We offer a service of maritime freight for all types of cargo that does not require the urgency since this merchandise is shipped and the journey to a country like Argentina can last 2 weeks, but guarantees an excellent service and a very competitive price for your shipments of freight.

Packaging service

To offer the necessary protection and security to your shipments and merchandise , Transported tuner has an economical professional packaging service tailored to your particular needs

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