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We transport goods by road with all types of vehicles , our specialty is the full loads of 24 TN.Aunque we work with all kinds of loads, We have more than twenty years of experience as a transport agency and we have a wide portfolio of vehicles all forms of cargo: tautliner, semi-tautliner, tarpaulin, low side, open platform, refrigerator, etc … with Transportation Solutions.

Our rates are competitive, we consult and we will offer the right solution to your road transport needs . We will also inform you as much as you wish regarding vehicles, insurance, prices, and our quality standards.

Transportation Solutions

services offered :

Shipping parcel to Mexico , ecuador argentina etc …
Send jewelry or valuables for express service .
Send motorcycles to madrid barcelona valencia and all Spain .
Send suitcases , or any other service small sized .

Our shipments by railroad, maritime or express include: “collection and delivery” to and from any point of Asia or South Americaand along the border including the services of customs agent, warehouse or transit … Door to Airport Service – offers daily departures to destinations around the world by sea and air.

This service includes collection in the city of origin and air transportation to the destination airport. The recipient must take care of the pick-up at the airport. In the case of an international shipment, the customs authorization as well as the customs duties may be applied to the current regulations. The latter must be paid by the recipient to collect the goods at destination .. Our services by road are provided by tight shipping rules and, if required, can be provided with extra services for shipping, for example, the movement of refrigerated or frozen goods , dangerous chemical substances and products of all kinds ..

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