How To Grow Your Youtube Channel?

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We are living in the age of technology where information is readily available at the palm of our hands quite literally. Social media has taken the world by storm with platforms like SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram being in the big leagues. However, Youtube is a different story with the platform being second only to Google as the largest search engine recording over a billion hours of watch time and traffic every day. Unlocking the potential Youtube can bring wonders to your channel and business. With how high competition is these days, building your Youtube channel is more of a long-term strategy. It takes time to grow a following, and that is why you need to know how to improve your Youtube channel and harness its power.

Upload Your Videos Frequently

A regular video upload schedule helps keep your channel fresh which will work for sure draw viewers back to watch your content. A report has shown that channels posting more than three times per week are performing way better and getting good numbers. In this case, consistency is key to raising your channel in the Youtube algorithm and thus receiving more recommended views. Be constant on posting the video at the same time and day every week while updating your subscribers on the next release in the process.

Design And Post Great Thumbnails

Well-designed thumbnails appeal to a range of viewers and can assist them in deciding whether to watch your video or not. Using attention-grabbing thumbnails can do wonders to your channel as it increases your ranking in SEO. A catchy thumbnail means it will receive a high click

how to make your own thumbnails for youtube videos

-through-rate making it stand out in the recommended videos sidebar. Make sure the thumbnail is a representation of the video because if you trick a viewer, they will click away and never trust or revisit your content hurting your average watch time. Combining your title and thumbnail can help you get more views. Other tactics to use include arrows, highlighting areas, using unusual images and large text. Youtube advocates thumbnail usage since that’s how they suggest videos to potential viewers and having yours stand out can have a huge impact on your channel.

Use An Interesting Hook For The First 10 seconds

You need to get the viewer interested in the video within the first few seconds. How you choose to hook the viewer is solely up to you and your content. The hook could be a bold statement, the end product of a project or a story. Regardless of how you choose to start, make sure you have a solid opener to captivate the viewer as you drive in towards the subject matter. Keep them on the hook long enough for you to reel them in.

The internet today is saturated with various information for different target groups. It is really hard to find anything you create online among the top searches and that goes for Youtube too. With over 300 hours of uploaded content to Youtube by the minute, you must create a good video and use effective strategies for your video to receive traction.

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